Randall Stutman on Fanness — September 4, 2021

Randall Stutman on Fanness

Ryan Holiday asked Randall, “How do you help your people reach their full potential?”.

His response:

As a leader, you need to demonstrate that you are in their corner and will do everything in your power to help them succeed. You must become their biggest fan.

The Admired Leadership Institute provides a list behaviors leaders can perform to motivate and inspire their people. From this list, I chose the four behaviors that I feel had the biggest influence in motivating and inspiring me from leaders I greatly admire and respect.

  • Encourage others when they are down or discouraged – Ken, Professor
  • Give others exposure to those who might help them – Steve, Previous Boss
  • Ask others to tag along, shadow or follow you to take part – Belinda, Previous Boss
  • Trust others with a prize issue or responsibility – Lori, Current Boss

I started writing a story about each of these, but then decided to keep them private. What’s important is that each of these leaders saw something in me and believed in me. This increased my confidence and helped me to believe in myself. What are you doing for your people that will let them know you are their biggest fan?