This Is Your Brain On Leadership — September 10, 2021

This Is Your Brain On Leadership

How your brain works:

Your brain resides in complete darkness. It has no direct contact with the outside world. It uses your five sensory organs to collect information on the outcomes of events happening around you. The five senses can only collect data on the outcome of an event. They cannot determine the cause of the outcome. In order to determine the cause, your brain uses past experience to make an educated guess about the most likely causes. The more similar a current event is to past experience, the better the guess. Brand new or unfamiliar stuff, your brain will still make a guess, but it may be a poor fit that doesn’t feel right, or you may just be plain wrong.

How it impacts they way you lead:

No matter how smart you are, or how much experience you may have, you’re still going throughout your day making guesses. Given what you’ve achieved so far in life, I’m guessing you will be right more times than not. But you will be wrong, sometimes. Be humble and accept it when it happens. Seek out evidence that you are wrong. Give the people you lead the authority to correct you when you are wrong. Finally, learn from your mistakes. That is the beauty of how your brain works. Today’s mistake is tomorrow’s past experience to draw from.