Randall Stutman on Leading During Times of Change and Transformation — September 6, 2021

Randall Stutman on Leading During Times of Change and Transformation

This is the last topic I cover from Ryan Holiday’s deep dive with Randall Stutman from the Admired Leadership Institute during Week 1 of his 9-week Daily Stoic Leadership Challenge. It is on the topic of change management.

From my experience, Randall captured 80% of the important stuff during the interview with these 5-steps:

  1. Nobody wants to change until they feel they’s been heard. Spend time listening to people, what works or doesn’t work, and how they think and feel about it.
  2. If we can get people to feel they’ve been heard, the next step is to communicate a strategy or vision that people can buy into and get behind.
  3. Next comes the often difficult decision of who will be a part of the change effort or the go forward team.
  4. Once the team has been chosen, get everyone together, make a conscious choice to commit, and publicly agree that we’re in this together and we’re going to do it.
  5. Lastly, execute the plan.

The remaining 20% is in the details within each step. The more change efforts you go through, the more you learn what to do and not to do and where to make small adjustments needed to ensure your change effort is effective and it sticks.