Many leaders are hesitant to work with a coach primarily because they do not want to give up control or power. However, working with a coach will increase a leaders experience by a factor of N because the coach has worked with many leaders and will share his/her experiences. Good leaders ask for help and are willing to accept it when offered.

Another benefit of having a coach is because the higher you climb in the organization, the more filtered information becomes, especially feedback about you. A good coach will tell you like it is without fear of retribution.

Regarding feedback, Randall says feedback is bad. Why? Because feedback is directional and carries with it power and authority. It is more like, I’m not asking, I’m telling. However, giving advice is better. It is more neutral. Advice offers suggestions. Most people are likely to listen to a suggestion or recommendation rather than receive feedback.

So why to most leaders provide feedback and not give advice? It comes back to that control and power thing. Leaders want quick results and they want to be right.