At the beginning of this year, I took on new work to revive and build-out leader development at my company. Seven months later, I find myself struggling to make real progress because I haven’t figured out how to prioritize this new work over the stuff I already do.

I have made some changes to help clear my plate. I promoted a high performer to her first management role and delegated some work to her (probably not enough). I have also started to step back from hand-holding another newish manager for several months until a couple of critical projects were completed.

However, it is not enough. I’m afraid my letting down my bosses, executive team, and employees that are part of the leader programs. I don’t think I have too much time before they begin to lose patience and worse, confidence in my ability to leader this effort.

It is not for a lack of interest and motivation. I’ve worked toward getting this opportunity my whole career. It is where I want to spend the remaining years I think I have left. So, I’m taking the long holiday weekend to think about what I need to do to get the ball rolling faster. No excuses, I just have to set daily goals and completed them, no matter what.